Tuesday, October 28, 2008

80s Band Of The Day: Squeeze

Three of my favorite songs from one of my favorite 80s groups, Squeeze. (And links to iTunes if you would like to buy any of these cuts. Sorry, kids, pimpin' pays the bills.)

Get it on

This one's cut off a bit at the top.

Get it on Squeeze

Not the original video (couldn't find it), but a fan edit

Get it on Squeeze

And their biggest hit

Get it on Squeeze

Job Of The Day: Poop Marshal

Talk about a shit job. Meet the Poop Marshal, a guy who cleans up dog scat from your yard.

These shots are from Jenny in Phoenix, who writes: "I love driving around town and spotting the Poop Marshal! My mind explodes at the process that brought this into actuality. He wanted to stick it to the man and work for himself and this is what he came up with? I’d love to see his brainstorming sheet on the name possibilities that DIDN’T make it. What kind of qualifications do you need to a get a job as a Poop Deputy for the Poop Marshal?"

Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery Of The Day (NSFW)

A rerun of Volume 1. I'm working on a Volume 2.

Proceed with caution. The following photos might give you nightmares. There is also naughty language and a mutant nipple. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
Knock it off, you're fuckin' scary!

Kenny upon looking in the mirror for the first time after his face lift: "Hahaha, very funny, now where's my real face?"

Posh Spice and her roto-cans. I bet Beckham can't bend those anvils.

Priscilla - the new face of Ghoul by L'Oreal

And Mickey Rourke as Mr. Potato Face

All she's missing is a wick

Word out of Hollywood - Kate's a lock for Scream IV


Meg Ryan. I don't want what she's having.

Why, model Shaune Bagwell, why?

The strange case of Vivica Fox's mutant breast. Tape or implant gone south? You decide.

Pam Anderson's left nipple passed away in her sleep last night after a long battle with the scalpel

In another ironic bit of casting, Julie "Catwoman" Newmar will portray The Joker in the upcoming Batman Continues.

How many lifts can one man have
Before you still call him a man?
The answer, my friends
Is on Bruce Jenner's chin
Beneath his drawn botox'd cadaver skin

I wish the yellow bar were bigger

Once upon a time there was a pretty soap opera actress named Hunter Tylo who was so kind, she said to herself, "You know, self, you're just too pretty. It's not fair to everyone else. You need to be less pretty." So, she went to see the Evil Discount Plastic Surgeon and told him to make her ugly. And he did. The end.

The Human Skin Graft

The Cat Lady

Vid Of The Day: Are You Done With That, Then?

I like to run this one every few months because it still cracks me the hell up.


From one of a kind to none of a kind.


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