Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vid Of The Day: I Left My Death Star In San Francisco

Wow, this is very cool. My thanks to Jason for the link.


Commercial Of The Day: Digi Walker (NSFW)

A good one from Jill. NSFW for a brief shot of ass.


10 Most Underrated Sidekicks Ever

From I'm not really sure why most of their choices are cartoon characters. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Sidekick to: Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos (a.k.a. Butters) provided all the tin foil costumes and devious plans for global domination, but General Disarray—otherwise known as a second grader named Dougie—kept the duo grounded. Plus, what little friendship he offered probably kept the pitiably unpopular Butters from going all Kurt Cobain.


Sidekick to: The Tick

If you made Tim Russert a superhero, we imagine he´d look a lot like the paunchy, moth-suited right hand of the Tick. While he doesn´t have any sort of powers or spine to speak of, Arthur´s all-around lameness makes his burly blue-spandexed buddy look like Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of the Vin Diesel he really is.


Sidekick to: Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles Prower—as he´s known by the IRS—is easily the clingiest of the sidekicks on this list. The fact that he uses his two tails to fly comes in handy when Sonic needs help getting over a randomly placed abyss or other silly Japanese imagining. Still, it would be nice if a hedgehog could get some fucking "me" time.


Sidekick to: Inspector Gadget

Since this pigtailed blonde would be well into her cougar years by now, we feel safe saying: Penny was hot. While Gadget´s arsenal of gizmos shoulda made him invincible, his precocious niece had to constantly bail his bumbling ass out. And being the prepubescent horn dogs that we were, any Penny on-tube time was A-OK by us.


Sidekick to: Jay

Even though Bob is usually overshadowed by the nonsensical shit-talking of his weed-dealing counterpart, he has the uncanny ability to dole out sage advice that Confucius would quote on his MySpace page. Plus, he has that sweet utility belt and is friends with a monkey. Snoochey boochey.


Sidekick to: Strong Bad

We dunno what this thing is or where it came from, but the Cheat is always beside Strong Bad, helping him in his many capers, but getting dumped on more than R. Kelly´s date to the Grammys. We think it´s time for the Cheat to find new management.


Sidekick to: Frodo Baggins

"I made a promise, Mr. Frodo... ´Don´t you leave him, Samwise Gamgee.´ And I don´t mean to." So spoke the loving manservant of ring-bearer Frodo Baggins. Wonder if he knew that promise entailed battling giant spiders, nearly starving to death, and suffering through the longest trilogy in history. Oh well, should have read the small print, dude.


Sidekick to: Inspector Clouseau

Patterned after another no-credit sidekick—The Green Hornet´s Kato—Clouseau´s faithful houseboy regularly kept the clodhopping detective at his sharpest via a series of martial arts attacks. And how did the franchise repay him? By making him a silver screen stereotype. We´ve come a rong way.


Sidekick to: Mario

Hey, Mario, ever think about using your last name and showing the family a little respect? Luigi is half of this brotherly duo; plus, he´s taller and got all his father´s good looks. So start givin´ your brother a box cover or two. Capiche, you fat asshole?


Sidekick to: Mr. Burns

We were always told true love meant putting someone before yourself. But if that means moistening your loved one´s eyeballs, jumping out of their plane to jettison extra weight, or scraping dead skin off their craggy back, then fuck that noise; there's always our Malibu Stacy real doll.

Vids Of The Day: Cock-Block (NSFW)

From Paul D., a fine video titled, "Tom Cruise Is A Cock-Block, Part 2." Even if you hate Tom, you will enjoy this.

NSFW - language.

Here's Part 1 if you haven't already seen it. It's been around a while. Maybe they both have, I don't know.

From, if you hadn't already noticed.

Star Wars Valentines Of The Day

I should wait till Valentine's Day to post these, but they are too good to wait. All were created by forum readers at (click link at bottom to see more).

My thanks to Katya for the idea and link.


Award Of The Day

Well lookee here. I won "Best Answer" for a question on Yahoo Answers. How do you like that? Yesterday they hate me, today they love me. Talk about schizophrenia!

The e-mail notice I got...

And here's the question and my answer. Notice that I won with one vote. Guess who cast it? Heh heh heh. (What an ass!)


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