Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Fireproof

OMG!!!!! Kirk Cameron has a new movie coming out, and it looks amazing. But then.. it's Kirk Cameron, who only does amazing, DUH.

I can't wait to read what Pat Collins says about it.


I am eternally grateful to Megan for this link.

SNL Clip Of The Day: Reliable Investments

Too soon?


10 Manliest Comic Superheroes Of The Day

From Chick and BamKapow.com. Their criteria for "manlinessness": lack of fashion sense, repressed feelings and a willingness to fight at the drop of a hat.

Now, I know lists like this tend to stir up you stickler comic book types, so direct your complaints to BamKapow.com. I've never even heard of half these characters.


Captain America is a lot like Batman in that he fights with his fists, is a bit of a rebel, and tends to take the moral high ground. But unlike Batman, Cap is a badass 24/7. Steve Rogers (his real identity) is just as manly a man as Captain America. Cap also doesn’t need a bunch of fancy doo-dads like Batman, but gets things done with a simple shield.


OP is a truck that can transform into a robot that kicks Megatron ass and has a dysfunctional authoritarian complex. He’s a trucker, and truckers are manly. (Optimus Prime sounds like a credit card to me - C.)


Points off for all the gadgets and gizmos he uses; while some may hail his utility belt as a wonderful piece of crime-fighting equipment, all we see is a glorified fanny pack. Still, the Caped Crusader has a dark, dysfunctional personality and drives a bitchin' car, so he makes the list.


Grifter is the crude and tough cowboy type from the WildC.A.T.S. He enjoys spending his days doing things like cleaning his guns, shooting his guns, cleaning his guns again, and then smoking while shooting his guns before retiring for a one night stand.


A troubled Vietnam vet (aren't they all?), The Punisher is excessively violent, and he has no qualms about picking a fight or ending it with a shotgun. Don't f*ck with him, or he'll punish you.


Gung: a shirtless, tattooed, camo-wearing Marine, a gumbo-eating, trash-talking, Cajun swamp rat who prefers chewing with his mouth open and farting in front of ladies.


Rude, crude and a demon from Down Under (and we don't mean Australia), Hellboy packs a giant stone fist that he uses to pummel Nazis and large bulbous demon creatures that look vaguely like butt-plugs.


Logan has all the things you want in a manly-man superhero: a violent nature, the ability to take a beating and lots of body hair. He'll also steal another man's best girl (Jean Grey) and was once a lumberjack. And don't forget those claws. His motto: "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice." Word.


Originally an alien mercenary and bounty hunter, Lobo was created as a backlash to all things ‘manly’ in superheroes, and a parody of characters like Wolverine and Punisher. When he's not trying to assassinate Santa Claus or kicking Superman's ass, Lobo flies around on his 'hover' chopper-bike while smoking cigars and stealing candy from little girls. (He was a great sheriff, too. -C)


From Conan The Barbarian:

"Conan, what is best in life?"

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women."

'Nuff said.

FAIL! Pic Of The Day

Hmm. I'm gonna pass. Thanks, though.

From Bubbasmom and Failblog.org

News Stories Of The Day

Stories that affect your world today.

The first is from Brooke, who says, "Yes, that is my hometown -- a great reason to tell my family why I don't come home often... I'm afraid of being asausaged in the morning." ZING!

Assault With An 8-Inch Sausage

The second is from Wendy in CA and Kris, who asks, "What type of evidence can you admit in court? Curled nose hairs? Burn marks?? What??

Man Arrested For Farting At Cop

Next up, a piece from Greg and Megan, who writes, "If this guy is truly on the loose, we're all in trouble. Bowl cuts & furtive glances for everyone!"

Worst Composite Sketch Ever

Finally, some truly heartbreaking news from Blong. "Deep bummage. The wife and I had already booked our trip in June," he says.

ABBA Museum Opening Delayed

Clip Of The Day: Head Crusher vs. Face Pincher

A classic from Kids In The Hall.

Roller Coaster Screams Of The Day

A great idea from TigergirlM. Some of these aren't from coasters but other rides, like the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and a few begged for some (shitty) Photoshop help. All are better if you click for a larger view, especially the last one. There's a lot going on in that pic.

Many thanks to LOTD reader Peter for the Freddie Mercury lookalike pic and the second-to-last pic.

Update: a late addition from Marla. Epileptic seizures are fun!

Update #2.. a pic from Mala, who writes, "Really, my son is having fun. Honest. (I'm so not winning mother of the year. again.)"


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