Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie Of The Day: Cool Hand Luke

A few classic scenes from one of Paul Newman's greatest films. You'll see a lot of familiar faces in these clips. George Kennedy won an Oscar, even though his performance is a bit over the top.

Luke and the warden (the fantastic Strother Martin) don't hit it off. One of the all-time great movie quotes. The sound on this one is low, sorry.

The boxing scene.

The poker scene.

"I can eat 50 eggs." A little long, but a great scene.

The car wash scene. Scandalous.

Might as well pimp it. Buy the DVD:

Or watch it here (streaming or downloadable):

Paul Newman: 1925-2008

We've lost one of the greats. Paul Newman has died of cancer at age 83.

Here's a tribute to Paul that I found on YouTube, with clips from my favorite Newman film, Cool Hand Luke.



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