Monday, July 28, 2008

News Story Of The Day: Mario's Nuts!

Good to know. I was thinking about a skinny dip later.

I'd love to hear this phone call. Link from DC.

Vacation Mode

Hi gang... I'm at the beach this week with limited internet access, so updates will probably be limited to one or two a day. Bear with me, please, until we get back on a regular schedule next week. Thanks.

So yesterday I'm at the grocery store grabbing some tequila and Zingers for the week and this song starts playing on their in-store "entertainment" system. Jesus jiminy god... I had forgotten about this song. Repressed it, really. But bad memories never go away, they just lie dormant for a time and then return to mess with you.

Ya know, I think swallowing all that man-pudding in the 70s did something to Rod Stewart's head. No sane person would make this video.

"Even the President needs... passion!" Brilliant.

Pornographic Plants Of The Day

I smell Photoshop, but they're still funny. Submitted by TheMovieGuru, who secretly enjoys fried pork rinds.

My favorite

This one's from DeAnne...



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