Monday, March 10, 2008

Instructional Video Of The Day: Potty Time

I would snatch up that mini-mime and wipe my ass with him. A funny from Erin.

Great Motivational Posters, Vol. 2

Good stuff from Elizabeth H., Willie, Heathersway and Reenie.


Commercial Of The Day: Big Bill Hell's

A spot for a Maryland car dealer, from LOTD reader Brett.

Brady Bunch Incidental Music


These little bits of audio brought back great memories of my favorite show, The Brady Bunch. Click the links to hear music that accompanied each type of scene.

The episode opens with a shot of the Brady house exterior and then we cut to the back yard or the kitchen where one of the kids walks in from school. Intro 1. Intro 2. Intro 3.

Someone comes home with great news

Another day at school. Marcia's crushing on the popular quarterback, who asks her to the big dance, but then cancels the date when her nose turns huge and purple after being clobbered with a football. His excuse? "Something suddenly came up."

Rut roh. Now you've done it.

A tense moment. The boys sneak through the kitchen, hoping to catch the robbers who have targeted the Brady house after luring Tiger away. Or Jan waits nervously to find out if she made the drill team.

Marcia comes home from school in a lovesick daze

Jolly family activity in the back yard: painting, mowing the indoor/outdoor carpet, building a set for Greg's pilgrim movie, or packing the station wagon for a camping trip.

The kids try to make their house seem haunted and scare off potential buyers so they won't have to move. They scare Alice instead, who freaks and destroys the sculpture of Mike's head that Carol made.

Poor Jan. She has issues. They should have put her in therapy.

Mom or Dad lays some truth on the wayward child and makes some suggestions on how they can clean up the mess they're in. And then Dad says...

Cindy freezes up on the TV quiz show

Mom always says, don't play ball in the house. Why? Because you idiots might break her favorite vase.

Peter finally gets his volcano to work, and sprays mud all over Marcia and the snooty girls from the club she's trying to join.

"Want to talk about it? We can't help you if you don't tell us what's wrong." The kind of scene where Mike always calls Bobby "Bob." Usually take place in one of the kids' bedrooms.

Somebody screws the pooch, e.g. the boys' pet mouse escapes or Bobby turns Greg's hair orange.

Greg and Marcia have a groovy driving contest after Greg says women can't drive. Marcia goes first and drives thru the orange cones with ease. Greg goes second and breaks the egg.

The Bradys take a trip to the Grand Canyon, but stop at a ghost town along the way, where
a crazy old prospector locks them in jail. They escape, of course, and make it to the Canyon, where they ride mules to the bottom. Alice bitches about her back, as usual. Bobby & Cindy sneak out at night, get lost and meet a Native American boy, who leads them back to camp.

We'll return to this dilemma after these messages

Kinky Greg tries to sneak Rachel the goat up to his attic bedroom, but Rachel isn't that kind of goat. No means no, Greg!

Don't touch the dreaded Hawaiian tiki idol. It's taboo!


The show's over and the squares start assembling on the screen. Outro 1. Outro 2. Outro 3. Outro 4. Outro 5.

End credits music (from early seasons; changed later)

High on acid, Greg writes a love song about clowns and beanstalks.

The Brady kids sing on TV. And they cut a record, but not before trying to boot Peter from the group because his voice is changing.


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