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Classic SNL Video Of The Day #2

Speaking of Christopher Walken... sort of...


30 TV Shows You'd Resurrect

From a readers' poll at EW. I'll give a big amen to Freaks & Geeks and Boomtown, both great shows. I also liked the little bits I saw of Veronica Mars and Arrested Development. Thumbs down to anyone who wants to resurrect the godawful Reunion, Drive or Max Headroom.

Got any to add?

Freaks and Geeks, although they'd have to recast all the roles...Maybe just a very special ''where are they now'' episode. —Shannon

Angel. The darkest, most complex and interesting, and best of the Joss Whedon shows, especially during Season 5 when it was wrongly canceled. —LMB

Sports Night. What a great show — everybody went on to greater things except the second lead (whose name escapes me...but he was a cutie). —TVSlave (The second lead was Josh Charles. He's turned up in a few other things. I just saw him on the new HBO series, "In Treatment.")

Grosse Pointe was ahead of its time and on the wrong network — witty and razor sharp, I think it would be a great addition to the HBO/Showtime lineup, where it could really let loose. —X

I would have loved one more season of Rome — I am still sad I never got to see the battle royale between Livia and Atia. —Honeybee

Early Edition, a Kyle Chandler series from the '90s — anyone else remember it? He got the newspaper a day early? —Laura

Drive, with Nathan Fillion. Only because I hate it when shows get canceled right after a cliff-hanger. —Adrienne

Popular. The WB put it in an absolutely horrible time slot in its second season, and it died there. But, seriously, has there been a better cast of characters than there was on this show? I need some more Mary Cherry. NOW. —denny

Covington Cross. Does anyone besides me remember this show? It took place in medieval times...kind of a cross between comedy and drama. I loved that show and was so upset when they took it off. —Auriana

What, not one single other person on earth wants more Max Headroom? —Scotto

My dream, if I somehow became extremely independently wealthy, is to start a network that picks up shows with critical acclaim and devoted fan bases after networks have cast them off. Veronica Mars, you are safe here. —El

My vote is for Eyes. Curse you, ABC. for only giving us a handful of what promised to be an awesome show! Tim Daly deserves better than the dreck that is Private Practice. —maryw

My So Called Life. Hello, greatest show ever canceled. Possibly greatest show of all time. We will never find out if Angela's dad was cheating, if Angela chooses Brian over Jordan, if Rae Ann ever quits drinking, or what happens to poor loveable Ricki. That show broke my heart. —KR

Jake 2.0 — It was like Chuck, but good. And Christopher Gorham is so fine, Ugly Betty doesn't use him enough. —joan catskills

HBO's Carnivale. It ended on a cliffhanger, and had one of the greatest casts in TV history; nobody could do gruff silences like Nick Stahl or the anti-Christ bellow like Clancy Brown. —Michelle

Brimstone. John Glover could give Ray Wise a run for the money for ''most awesomest Lucifer.'' —Kathleen

Skin — modern-day Romeo and Juliet, where her dad was a porn mogul but a fairly decent guy and his parents were politicians and not very nice people. The Juliet character was played very nicely by a pre-O.C. Olivia Wilde. —Lauren

I only recently discovered Once & Again, and I zipped through all three shortish seasons. Sure, the show had its flat moments, but there was so much to love and it ended too soon. —Kati

Wonderfalls — it's the only show I ever shed a tear over when it was canceled. —step

Arrested Development. Though I am glad that the cast's careers are doing so well (especially Will Arnett and Michael Cera), I still hold a hope in my heart. —Christine

Boomtown. This show was amazing, and I actually had to stop a Boomtown marathon because I was crying too hard and was waaay too invested in these characters. The acting is spectacular, especially from Donnie Wahlberg, Neal McDonough, and Mykelti Williamson. —Emily

Farscape — an absolutely compelling blend of comedy, drama, romance, and action with some of the wittiest dialogue and electric chemistry ever to grace the small screen. —atlantagirl

Century City. It was a courtroom drama set in the near future, taking on cases like ''are avatars living beings and do they have rights?'' —ladyli1

I would love to see Gideon's Crossing brought back. A great, underrated show which featured McSteamy before he was McSteamy and a great Andre Braugher. —RachelB

Joan of Arcadia. I was so crushed when they canceled it. How does a show get nominated for best drama one year and get canceled the next? —Rhonda

Ooo...I totally miss Jack & Bobby. Christine Lahti was amazing. —Marie

Reunion - about the six friends, one of whom ends up murdered, and it follows them from 1985 to 2005, in order to figure out who killed who. It only needed one season and they canceled halfway through. —Wilson

Kindred: The Embraced — about several clans of modern day vampires. The show was a summer replacement series about 10 or 12 years ago and, despite a few soap-opera plot lines, it was by far the most intelligent vampire-related series on TV prior to the Buffy and Angel universe.

You know what I wish would come out on DVD, let alone be resurrected? Homefront, my first view of Kyle Chandler, about life right after WWII. You'd think it would be topical again what with a war on and people coming home. —Nix

Kitchen Confidential
. Created by Darren Star, aired as a lead-in for Arrested Development, starring Bradley Cooper, Nicholas Brendan, John Cho, Bonnie Summerville. It was a light, frothy cocktail of a show. —Alli

Video Of The Day: Col. Angus

A classic from SNL.


Roller Coaster Screams

A great idea from TigergirlM. Some of these aren't from coasters but other rides, like the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and a few begged for some (shitty) Photoshop help. All are better if you click for a larger view, especially the last one. There's a lot going on in that pic.



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