Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obnoxious Vanity Plates Of The Day

Is that title redundant? Aren't all vanity plates a little obnoxious? But some are worse than others.

A great idea from Jenny L.

"Just drop me off here, Mom. I'll walk the rest of the way to soccer practice."

But He doesn't brake.

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer got some new wheels.


The only guy on the road who wants to be rear-ended.

Have you met "A55 ORGY"?

Corn. Hi, Corn. You car is dirty, Corn.

...refuse to ride anywhere with you.

Yes, Mr. Vice President, your new plate is very funny.

I'll take "License Plates That Describe What Their City Smells Like" for $200, Alex.

Fear the PWNER! Eater of noobs!

In his sexy van. Has a date every night with his sexy hand.

In a Beemer. Get it? OMG! ROFLMAO!!

The "DORK" plate was already taken.

I can almost hear the Foreigner blasting from her 8-track.

To be, or not to be... an idiot.

And that plate came out



But not ambitious enough to find a show-off word that would actually fit.

And finally, one plate that says what I'd like to tell all these people...


  1. The A55Orgy car looks like it would belong to some old guy - gross!

  2. My dad's license plate is a "farm heritage" theme. It has a little graphic with a red barn and a silo. His vanity plate? 2CHIX. Because they have two chickens, DUUUH.

  3. Another plate I saw all the time when we lived in Virginia: SOCKMAN.

    Foot fetish?

  4. HR - two chicks = every man's fantasy.

  5. PWNER is obviously my fave...OMFGLMFAOROFLSTFU

  6. I hate vanity plates, but I love trying to figure them out. Clearly I am conflicted. Love the PWNER!

  7. My attitude is sort of laissez faire, I guess. I don't want one, but if that floats your boat, more power to you. Some of them, though, make you want to hurt somebody. A friend of mine saw a plate once on a huge and shiny new Mercedes that read, "WE DO OK."

  8. Chad Everett lives around here. His license plate says "SIR CHAD" lest anyone not realize they are near a real tv star from 1970.

  9. Ha, Chad Everett. Nobody under 45 remembers that douche nozzle. What a tool.

  10. "Medical Center" is one of the first TV series I remember watching as a kid. That and "Marcus Welby, MD."

    I'm just barely over 45 years old. :-)

  11. I generally dislike vanity plates on principal, but I guess if people are determined to spend their money on silly things, there are worse things they could choose. That said, one of the stupidest plates I ever saw was one that said "MINICOOP" on -- you guessed it -- a Mini Cooper. Hey dumbass, why are you paying fifty bucks a year for a license plate that repeats something already spelled out on the back of your car?

  12. As a Savannah native I was always told that was the smell of money.

  13. If paper mills are money, yeah.

  14. I saw a plate recently on a fancy little red sports car that said "BOBSTOY." The car was being driven by a beautiful blond woman.

    So then I was left wondering if the car belonged to her and if the license plate was referring to her as being "Bob's Toy," OR if the car belonged to Bob, and it was "Bob's Toy," but he just happened to let this blond woman drive it.

  15. I saw a plate in NH that says PB4UGO.

    I can't say anything, tho....mine:

    What is it on? A Mustang GT

    And yes, it has helped me out...out of an 86 in a 40. Oops.

  16. In Maine we have more vanity plates than any other state...the worst one I remember 'BILE', now that's just gross.

  17. I wouldn't want to be the prisoner who made the a55 orgy one...

  18. The A55 RGY plate is a famous one. It's not a vanity plate. It's just an unfortunate juxtaposition. Some poor old guy was probably handed it at the DMV and didn't realize ...

  19. Insider plate: My wife's Volvo has "CZI". Only pilots will get it. We use 3-letter identifiers for airports and navigation radio stations. ""LGA" is LaGuardia..."SFO" is Los Angeles. "ORD" is Chicago-O'Hare. etc.

    "CZI" is Crazy Woman, Wyoming.

    Look it up!

  20. I like this:

  21. How could you have missed the "Kids First" plate from Virginia... with the tag "CTHULU"? =)

  22. Anon @ 8:21p - Yes, you're right, how could I have missed EVERY FUNNY VANITY PLATE EVER MADE? Gee, I guess I didn't search the web thoroughly enough. Forgive me.

  23. Ah, Cary, I think the last plate you showed addresses that question.

  24. Indeed it does, Frank. Indeed it does.

    "How could you miss _____ ?" comments are my favorites.

  25. Anonymous Pilot:

    SFO is San Francisco International, not Los Angeles. Get lost much?

  26. SFO is San Francisco, LAX is Los Angeles
    And it's get lost mooch or munch but NOT much. jeeez!
    Great job on the site Cary. :) Visit on a daily basis. My 7 year old likes the funny video's. Thanks

  27. I like vanity plates. It gives me something to do while I'm working. Figuring them out is a pain sometimes tho!!

    P.S. I love it when your commenters get into little flame wars!! But then I lead a pretty dull life!



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