Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day

Medical Center, starring "Sir Chad" Everett. Who? Exactly.


Chad sings, too. Click the album to hear one of his hot tunes and be amazed, as I am, that his singing career never took off.


  1. I still have no idea who he is. What a tool.

  2. Is this a subtle election comment...or didn't chads feature this time around.

    This Chad probably does need hanging for the 'TV star does music album' crime against humanity, although his 'tool head' hairstyle does redeem him a little.

  3. Dr. Joe Gannon with the hair helmet that never moved.

    I like the white stitching on the collar of his brown jacket too. Wow, that song is BAD!! YIKES! Maybe the license plate should read, "Sir Bad."

  4. Bludger - I could lie and say yes, it was a subtle reference, but no, it isn't. Only you are that clever, not me.

    Daisy - Ha! Or "Sir Sux-A-Lot"

  5. OMG!! This brings up one of those memories that I wish I could let go of. I'm sure there are plenty of really important things that could take its place in my brain.

    I remember him on the Sonny & Cher Variety Show singing Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone.

    Totally no soul.

    There has to be something really wrong with me that I can't shake the gruesome audio/visual of that . . .

  6. Kelli - wow. Even I don't remember that, and we watched Sonny & Cher every week, even though my dad wasn't wild about them.

  7. When I was a kid - maybe 8 or so - my mom and I used to watch that show. I thought he was SOOO HOT. I had a Ken doll with the same hairstyle and sideburns.

    The song is pretty bad. I never heard him sing.

  8. Hah! When I saw the post title, I guessed that it would be "Medical Center."

    I remember an episode where a football player ran into a goal post. I don't remember if the actor was OJ or not (and I'm too lazy to look it up on imdb).

  9. Sunny and Cher were cool. Whatever happened to them?


    Too soon?

  10. Lefty, Cher's still around but Sonny ran into some problems a few years back. Well, one problem.

  11. I don't really remember watching this show that much....but I do remember whenever my friend, Cheryl, and I played house, she was always married to Chad Everett or Joe Gannon.

  12. Am I the only that thinks that music is creepy?

  13. I remembered the name from Airplane II: The Sequel. He played Ted Striker's foil, Simon. I had no idea he was this talented.



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