Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Creepy Vintage PSA Of The Day: Mr. Yuk

I don't remember this one, but Mel does, and says, "It creeped the hell out of me as a kid. The little perusing I have done as to the origins revealed that it was developed to replace a skull-and-crossbones as a deterrent for drinking poisons — apparently there were some kids who thought the symbol meant that it was a drink for pirates, and, well, pirates are cool! There’s more info on Wikipedia here.


Be sure and check Mel's Video Concert Hall blog for lots of the grooviest vintage music vids you'll ever see... some of which I intend to filch for LOTD (that's filch, not felch). Mel and Lefty also run Our Tube, another site with excellent vintage vids: commercials, music vids, show opens, etc. Good stuff all around.


  1. I got in big trouble for putting Mr. Yuk stickers all over mom's oven. Such is life!

  2. Too funny, Terri - I got in trouble for putting Mr. Yuk stickers all over everything too. I never really thought he was all that creepy - but after watching the video I sure do... ;-)

  3. I was encouraged to put Mr. Yuk stickers everywhere, so, I did. I suppose that was only okay because I had a limited # of stickers. I loved Mr. Yuk.

  4. I just went to OurTube and posted them about 100 comments...LOL
    Thanks for the link!

  5. I don't remember the PSA for Mr. Yuk, but definitely remember the stickers.
    If your child is drinking things from under the sink, I'm thinking they're not observant enough that a little green sticker would deter them from gulping down the spic n' span.

  6. We didn't have Mr. Yuk here in the South. We had Mr. "Boy, you go under my sink and I'm 'on snatch you baldheaded".. a.k.a. Mama and Grandmama.

  7. I also don't remember the PSA, but I do remember the stickers. My sister worked as a pediatric nurse, and the hospital where she worked gave the stickers out to new parents as part of a welcome kit. I think that was before the explosion of "child-proof" locks and gizmos that are on the market these days to install on your cupboard doors. You know, the ones that kids, with their nimble little fingers, can pop open in the blink of an eye while their parents struggle with them, pinch their hands on, and swear at until they finally go and get a pair of pliers from the garage to use just to open the cupboard door to get out a sponge.

    Despite your best efforts, kids can get into anything, it seems. We had a bottle of prescription pills (with a childproof cap) on the very top shelf in a kitchen cupboard.

    When one of my sons was two years old, he woke up very early in the morning when I was still sleeping. He somehow managed to climb out of his crib that had the sides pulled to the top. He then went to the kitchen, pulled a chair over to the counter, climbed up on the counter, opened that cupboard door, and managed to get that bottle of pills from the top shelf. I still don't know why I woke up, but I got to the kitchen and found him there holding that bottle of pills. He had gotten the cap off and put one pill in his mouth. It tasted bitter to him, and he had spit it back out. He was standing there on the counter making a face at the bad taste and about to cry when I found him. No, I didn't have a Mr. Yuk sticker on the bottle, but I don't think that would have stopped him even if I had.

    Well! That was a rather long-winded comment! HA HA HA! :D



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