Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 Roles Ricky Gervais Turned Down

From Entertainment Weekly, five big projects that funnyman Ricky Gervais ("The Office," Ghost Town, "Extras") says he was offered and declined. Rumors persist that Gervais is being courted to host next year's Oscar ceremony.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Gervais passed on the chance to share the screen with Johnny Depp, saying,
"I didn’t want to sit in a Winnebago for six months waiting to show up as a comedy pirate for two minutes."

The Da Vinci Code
Ditto to costarring with Tom Hanks in this 2006 Ron Howard thriller.
"I’m going to pop up and people are going to go: That’s the fat fellow from "The Office"! Who the f**k does he think he is?"

Star Trek
J.J. Abrams approached the comedian about his franchise reboot, due next summer:
"I was never a big fan, so I would’ve felt guilty taking the part just to be in a blockbuster. To what? Boost my profile?"

Arthur remake
"I said 'no' straight-away," Gervais says about an offer to star in a new version.
"Why would I mess with a perfect comedy? They know people don’t watch films that have the wrong font — it’s got an ’80s font."

"Magnum P.I." movie
Gervais wouldn’t say which role was offered, but we’ll bet it rhymes with "Figgins." "I don’t want to be the funny butler…because [roles like that] do no good. I just keep walking away."

If you aren't familiar with Gervais, here's a short clip from his stand-up.


A clip from the original BBC version of "The Office," the precursor to the American version. Gervais plays David Brent, that show's version of Steve Carell's Michael Scott. (NSFW)


And, for TotalBlammBlamm, a clip from "Extras"... Gervais (as sitcom actor Andy Millman) meets rock god David Bowie. Brilliant and hilarious.



  1. I LOVE RICKY GERVAIS. The only thing better than RG by himself is RG messing with Steve Carrell, like he did on the Emmys. That was the only part of that show worth watching.

  2. Yes! That was funny when he asked for the Emmy he felt was rightfully his. Also, in my experience, black men vary just like white men. They simply have less shrinkage...

  3. I second that, Lindsey #1. I hope he does host the Oscars. He's just hilarious...and wonderfully blunt and uncomfortable.

  4. Thanks for that tidbit, Regan.

  5. I dunno, Regan. I could show you a magazine where...literally....

  6. After the stand-up comedy video, I am left wondering and trying to imagine how he's going to fit the elephants onto the coast guard's boat. HA!

    Funny stuff! :)

  7. We saw Ricky this summer at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. He was fantastic. Highly recommend all the podcasts if you don't have them.

  8. My sister's a HUGE Ricky fan. She just went to see Ghost Town and was very disappointed. I was bummed -- I was hoping it would be great.

    Maybe he should'a taken one of those other offers.

  9. Getting elephants into a boat is easy, Daisy. Just toss a couple of mice into the water.

  10. Cary!!!!!! Post the clip from Extras where Bowie sings to Ricky...


    It would make me so, so happy. I luuuurrrrvvvve Ricky and I kind of like David Bowie as well.

  11. I am such a hayseed. My children talk about The Office much like they used to talk about Arrested Development, which I adored. The clips are great and prod me closer to looking for Office reruns.

    I personally think his turn downs are backed with brilliant reasoning.

  12. Totalblamm... you got it. Anything for you. That's a great clip.

  13. LOVE me some Ricky Gervais. His take on the book of Genesis is hilarious.

  14. The Bowie guest spot from Extras was one of the best...

    Maggie shows herself to be a supportive friend!

    The bit from 'The Office' was also cringeworthy and hilarious at the same time...that's RG's thing.

    Ricky's bible reading IS good, as Tracey says. Guaranteed to offend some, which is also good.

    PS it is easy to get 3 elephants in a small boat - 2 at the front and 1 at the back, next to the person running the outboard.

  15. Rickey Gervais is great. His podcast is great too.

  16. He's so awesome. I love why he turned down those roles and had the sense to do so. God, if only so many others would follow his logic.

  17. Isn't that the truth.

    His reasons all sounded legit to me. Especially the one about sitting in a Winnebago for six months. He is absolutely right.

  18. Ricky Gervais is my Gawd. I bow to his greatness.

  19. I was glad to be in England when he was a rising star and have been watching his stuff since the late 90's. My respect for him just went up with this post, as some interviews I've seen with him don't come off well. Good for him for not falling into a bumbling British guy type cast (*cougcough Hugh Grant cough*).

    Both The Office UK and The Office US are ace...he and Stephen Merchant produce and direct both. Hubby and I were thinking The Office US would pale in comparison, as a lot of times the US will try to reproduce a UK show and vice versa (ie, the UK did a version of "Scrubs" called
    "TLC" and it wasn't so hot), but both are wonderful.

    The "Extras" with Daniel Radcliffe and Ian McKellen are especially hoot-worthy...

  20. "2 at the front and 1 at the back"

    heeeeeeeeeee! :D

    Thanks, banal and facile! It's all so clear to me now.

  21. Cool vid, Daisy. People always think you can go right up to wild animals and pet them or feed them peanuts, I guess. Dumb.

  22. FREAKIN' awesome! Bowie and Gervais as one of the most unlikely of comedy duos...they should have a show together...a modern day version of The Odd Couple.



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