Wednesday, October 22, 2008

31 Best Worst Halloween Costumes

Halloween approaches, so it's time to start thinking about your costume. If you stumped for ideas, look no further. Submitted for your approval, 31 of the worst -- or best, depending on your point of view -- Halloween costumes you'll ever see.

Some are from Sarah, some are from Julie M. Some are old, some aren't. Listed in no particular order.

The Toilet (Kids)
For a humiliation your child can tell his shrink about when he's grown.

The Sheepfucker

Mammogram Machine
The boob is already in there, chief.

Not creepy at all. Did Tattoo have a picture of himself on his suit in the show? I think I would've remembered that.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Man-Eating Shark
Now that's funny.

Burger King Stormtrooper
One theme at a time, please.

Hell if I know.

Milk Carton
Because missing children are hi-larious.

Frank 'n' Beans
You really should see a doctor about those.

Penis Man
If you want to be a total dick.

Sperm Man
There's millions of these costumes floating around.

Mr. T
If anyone tells you that blackface went out with Al Jolson, say, "Quit your jibba jabba, fool!" Voted Costume Most Likely To Get Your Ass Kicked by readers of Halloween Today magazine.

I Scream, You Scream
So what's the problem here?

The Littlest Terrorist
No smoking!

The Turd/Milk Dud
Hard to tell the difference sometimes.

TIE Fighter (Star Wars)
Tomorrow he'll complain, "How come I never get laid on Halloween?"


Baby Man
Put the lotion in the basket.

Small Wonder
Remember when costumes were just a mask and a shirt or dress? Yeah, they sucked.

The Runnybutt
Genius! Just squeeze the hand-held bubble to make it ooze diarrhea. Yes, it's real. The costume, I mean, not the diarrhea. Hopefully.

Death Star
I sense a great disturbance in The Force.

Saggy Boobs
Only a dude would dress like this.

Dr. Killjoy (kids)
Great for school parties.

Birth 1
You'll be crowned the winner of the costume contest.

Birth 2
Group version.

Lil' Hitler (kids)
Because you dressed him as Stalin last year and no one got it. They thought he was Mike Ditka.

From The Black Lagoon.

This is not the worst vagina costume you'll ever see...

Vagina With Tampon
Nor is this the worst
vagina costume you'll ever see...

Vagina 3
This is.


  1. Wow, and I thought I was creative. Last year we went to a party and there was a guy dressed as a priest that had a little boy doll mounted to the front of his pants. It was funny, but then again, I'm not catholic.

  2. that is supposed to be GARY GLITTER I think.....dan

  3. Oh Lord..some of those were just sickening! LOL

  4. the man-eating shark reminds me of SNL's Land Shark.
    Love the Little Hitler outfit.

  5. Those last few...dude. shudder.

    I thought the mamogram was funny - but then I married a boob guy, and being objectified is just a part of the charm. :)

    My oldest daughter is totally going as a bloodied up surgeon this year. We found a pair of scrubs for $3. They were clean though (boo) so we had to buy some fake blood. We're classy folk.

  6. Some of those costumes are WAY more disturbing than the images of the medical oddities you showed us yesterday. ugh.

  7. Yeah, I think the 8th pic is supposed to be Gary Glitter, you know the guy who wrote "Rock & Roll part 2" and is a convicted pedophile.

  8. Sassy Pants--

    I'm Catholic and that costume is always funny.

  9. That mammogram costume is probably really popular on college campuses. #1 choice of frat boys.

  10. I actually shot coffee out of my nose reading this one!

  11. For some reason, I have a craving for an ice cream cone.

  12. Love these costumes. I'm going to put a link to this on my blog.

  13. It's sad that ice cream girl feels she needs to suck in her stomach. Like anyone is looking at it or something.

  14. Jeez, now I'm on a mission to find the picture of my hubby in his TMNT costume...hehe.

    And those last 3 costumes are just wrong. Blech. Ever seen Starship Troopers? :oD

  15. I love the ORLY owl pics. I used one once at just the right moment in a post.

    The mini-Hitler and mini-terrorist are easily the most offensive. Not to me, but you know, in general.

  16. Dr. Z - be my guest. Thanks.

  17. Some of these are really disturbed. What parent puts their child in a terrorist or Hitler costume?

    Unless they're extremist Muslisms or Nazi's?

  18. Well I hope "P" man doesn't try to use all those at one time. Someone will suffocate.

  19. That last one looks more like a parade float than a Halloween costume! Yikes!

  20. Yeah, your WTF one looks like Gary Glitter. He was arrested for kiddie porn.

  21. O RLY is a total win!!

  22. God, some of those actually made me feel queasy. What's with the vagina on wheels? Geezus.
    I was at a Halloween store with my 10 year old yesterday and had to divert her out of one of the aisles it was so raunchy. There was one of a scuba diver with "Certified Muff Diver" printed on the front and "Mike Hunt's Scuba School" printed on the back.
    Another costume consisted of a guy wearing a giant mustache and a t-shirt that said "mustache rides 5 cents". Who's going to home with these guys?

  23. As usual when I come here, I laughed so hard I cried reading the captions to go with the pics. The vag costumes, esp. that last one...[[shudder]].

    The "WTF" one that some people think is Gary Glitter? C'mon, people - that's clearly Austin Powers with MiniMe crawling out of his space suit! It took me a second, but I can't believe I'm the only one who got that...tsk, tsk.

    The man-eating shark and the group birthing are my faves!

    Thanks for giving me a good laugh on this Saturday morning, Cary!

  24. I went shopping for halloween cosumes for my three year old son and some man came up and suggested one that looked like ice cream girl for ME! :O He was like forty and I'm twenty four! my husband was like O.O

  25. Eeeeewwww people ar surley creative.....



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