Thursday, September 18, 2008

Speaking of Smite...

One of my all-time favorite Far Side cartoons. Whenever I hear "smite," I think of this and laugh.


  1. gary larson is the best EVAR. i have an 18yr old coffee cup that is a far side cartoon - the nervous little dog making espresso while his owner's sleep.

    i love you for loving gary larson, cary. *sniff*

  2. I absolutely LOVE Gary Larson! "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal."

  3. I like the school for the gifted cartoon, with the guy pushing on a door labeled "pull."

  4. Mary beat me to one of my favorites - second only to the school for gifted children. Larson=genius.

  5. I think 3 of us are on a freaky similar wavelength. The school for the gifted is priceless, and that image pops into my head every time I see somebody do that.

  6. I love Gary Larson - it's a shame that genius like this doesn't last, and crap like "Cathy" still trudges on....

    "School For The Gifted" is my favorite, too. I bought that on a t-shirt to give to a buddy of mine who, if he was any more intelligent, would begin to drool on himself...

  7. Definitely one of my all-time faves. Another that always sticks with me is the postman returning home with numerous dachshunds hanging from his person: "Help me out, Etta. I got into a nest of wiener dogs over on Fifth and Maple." The first time I saw that one I laughed for, like, five hours.

    God, I fucking miss Far Side.

  8. And the buzzard wearing the 10-gallon hat, as his buddies dine on the previous owner:

    "Look at me, I'm a cowboy. Howdy, howdy, howdy!"

  9. I wish I had a keyboard with a "smite" key on it. :D

    I wonder if the cartoon guy that is about to get the piano dropped on him is the dancer from the Renewed video.

  10. One of my regrets with the asinine degeneration of the language is the fact so many excellently evocative words are now archaic.

    In a nice twist, archaic is one of them itself, along with, say:
    and so many more.

    Hence I was happy to see Cary feature two such nice olde words as 'ruckus' and 'smite' in a single day!

  11. Amen, Bludger!

    I like how you listed the words for your examples in alphabetical order, too. HA! :D

  12. Amen x 2, Bludger. Another great lost word is "ruth," which can mean either compassion or remorse (hence "ruthless"), but you will never hear it in conversation... unless you bump into the ghost of Lord Tennyson somewhere.

    I think a list is in order.

  13. I don't have a "smite button" but I mutter imprecatory psalms (imprecatory - good word, right Bludger? it's a personal favorite) filled with "Oh God, smite thou the ___(fill in the blank)" It's quite theraputic. Unless anyone overhears you, then you're in the same class as the guy wandering around in a trenchcoat with "The End is Near" sign.

  14. Used with permission?

  15. Of course not.

    But thanks for checking. You're doing a great job.

  16. No kidding. Maybe it's Gary Larson.

  17. Maybe it's God, with his finger over the SMITE button.

  18. People just love to fuck with you don't they? You're like a magnet. ;)

    I miss The Far Side. I used to have this T-shirt when I was in high school. So me. And yes, I was a complete DORK.



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