Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SNL Classic Of The Day

Yes, more Phil Hartman (hey, you said you aren't tired of him yet), this time as one of his best characters.



  1. There's nothing worse than having all your food intercepted by warlords!

    I don't know how he managed to do that scene without choking on all that food! HA HA HA!

    Clinton was definitely one of Hartman's best characters. Thanks for posting this, Cary. You got my day started off with a laugh. :D

  2. Phil and Bill!!!! My day is complete. Thanks, Cary.

  3. There's gonna be a whole bunch of things we don't tell Mrs Clinton

    Damn, Phil Hartman = prophet. I remember lauqhing at that line when this skit was first aired in what, '92 or '93, years before we heard of Monica or stains on dresses...

  4. I grew up in Little Rock. Whenever I pass the two-story McDonalds downtown (where Bill used to jog to from the Governor's mansion) I think of that skit.

    Also, lately I've been watching old Simpsons on DVD. God I miss Troy McClure ...

  5. One of the best! I love the padded butt. Kindof ironic (but not unexpected) that BC ended up with the big heart attack after his fast food binges.

  6. It reminds me of when I take my son to Mcdonalds. I end up eating all of his stuff because he just wants to go on the jungle gym.

    Another great moment in Phil. Just love it.

  7. Ben - same here. Half a McNugget and she's off, but I can't eat that shit (and I eat a lot of shit). Gives me indigestion every single time.

  8. Jason - that was my fave part, too. Freakin' hilarious!



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