Thursday, August 7, 2008

SNL Classic Clip Of The Day: Anal-Retentive Chef

Someone mentioned this in a comment the other day. I'd never seen it. Great stuff.

I'm not gonna say it...



  1. Holy crap - I just had an epiphany watching him dispose of the trash. I am the anal retentive chef.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I've been looking for Phil's Anal Retentive characters (there was also a gardener, wasn't there?) for years. Are there more?

  3. Talk about obscure references. I use "now that's some garbage you can live with" all the time and receive nothing but blank stares.

    P.S. I love and miss Phil Hartman

  4. I miss Phil Hartman. :(

    Such a genius.

  5. The Anal Retentive skits are some of the best ever! The world for sure has a void without Phil Hartman. Oddly enough, I remember where I was when I heard he died!

  6. You're the best, Cary..thank you so much..gotta go,I've got something in my eye *sniff*

  7. I love Phil Hartman!

  8. Cary,
    Are you a mind reader? Do I have to buy a tinfoil hat to ward off your brainrays? LOL Your tagline at the top about Black daughter, niece and I were JUST talking about this song! GMTA,huh? LOL


  9. Ahh...when SNL was really good. Enjoyed that Cary.

  10. OMG! That's one of my all-time favorite SNL skits! I often use references from the anal retentive chef and get that deer in headlights response.... but I'm used to it.

  11. Amy, I use that all the time, too. KEEP PHIL ALIVE!!

    yeah, I get lots of blanks stares.

    I miss Phil. What a loss.

  12. Glad everyone liked it. I did too.

    Uncarved - I'll keep looking. It's not on the SNL/Best Of Phil Hartman DVD.

    Rhonda - ha, Black Betty is always on my mind.

  13. Not a video, but there's a transcript of the skit for Anal Retentive Gene as a carpenter at this site:

    He also did a sketch called "Fishing with the Anal Retentive Sportsman," but I didn't find a video or transcript of that one.

    Hartman was definitely a one of a kind. I miss him too.



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