Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Party Pictures Of The Day

Selections from Sorry I Missed Your Party, a blog of funny party pictures. Many thanks to Heder for the link.

A couple of these contain nudity.

It's not a party till the tubas come out

A real beer fairy would bring something better than Pabst

Must be one hell of a band on that stage

Lars began to wonder if he'd lost his touch with the ladies

The only thing worse than a midget with a gun? A midget with a crossbow, as Momma found out when she took one in the neck

"Omigod, look at those disgusting rednecks!" said Dwayne, aiming his camera

When Spencer shows up in his party vest, you better be ready to rock the fuck out.

This is the last time we let Dad request his own birthday cake

Those Yuba City Republicans sure know how to throw a fundraiser.

When Derek plays guitar, people die

Mike showed up an hour late so he'd miss the slideshow, but the joke was on him: the gang waited until he got there.

Joan Jett might love rock 'n roll, but I bet this is the last time she mixes whiskey and a 10k bike race. Wait.. wasn't there a kid in the child seat when we started?

"You know, guy, I think there's a Clemson game on TV down in Bill's room. Why don't you go check out the score and come back in, say, an hour or so, k?"

Floor 5's annual Lightsabers 'n Babes mixer was missing just one thing, and it wasn't lightsabers

Is this a party or a scene from "The Golden Girls in Hawaii"?

Even a ho needs a night off once in a while. But Madame Ling and Big Bobby always chaperone to make sure the girls don't mix with the wrong types of people

None of the ladies wanted to ring in 1983 without a new perm. And Roger showed up in his hot new Lagerfeld
TM glasses from Sears.


  1. I've got a great picture of some drunk guy passed out on his wife's shoulder at a Braves game while the beer vendor is posing in the background.

  2. OMFG... I laughed til I cried.. hilarious! LOVE this site.. thank God for it.. Im bored to tears at work... !!! ;)

  3. Spin - oh yeah I remember that night. You were OUT, man. Gone.

    Jinxi - thank you.

  4. I luuuurve Spencer and his party vest. Bwahaha.

    And considering the way the furry naked guy is spooning the naked guy in front of him, I doubt those are Republicans. Unless that was taken at the First Annual Larry Craig Out-of-the-Stall Swingers' Bash.

  5. That boob cake is the closest that guy will EVER get to the real thing!

    And what on earth is that purple thing the pregnant ho is wearing? Some kind of mini-bubble wrap dress?


  6. What the hairy hell is going on at these parties? Good Gawd almighty! Not for nothing - I think I went to Bible college with Spencer - pre-piercings of course.

  7. I bet Derek was playing "Mr. Bojangles." :D

  8. Soon coming to your local theatres:

    Animal House Revisited in Hell

  9. Those mid-puke snaps: classic (and a bit grotty)

  10. LOTD never fails to amuse. Hahahaha. thanks for these funnies with the descriptions, Cary. Made my day.

  11. thanks all

    Daisy - HA! No doubt.


  13. Hilarious. I'm in love with this site.

  14. sad part is that I've been to enough of those parties where the band plays in the pool....and in the streets, and throws up in a tuba (or thru a trumpet).

    I discovered that a trumpet, when turned on its side, becomes a GREAT beer cup holder...will hold a 20 oz cup...and you can still play. And when you want a drink, don't bother to take the cup off the trumpet, just tip the whole damned horn!!!

  15. OMG! Those were hysterical, Cary! Yuba City Republicans..ha ha...

  16. Carey, this is why we love you.

    Daisy - lmao!

  17. Cary, again you have made my day (It is 104 here today), and the laughter from the comments may make me sweat more, but it is SO worth it!

  18. Mary - LMAO! I was gonna comment on the spooning, but you outdid anything I coulda written.



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