Saturday, June 28, 2008

MILFs Of The Day: Over 40 And Hot

Because 40 is the new 30 hottie. I don't know who's had plastic surgery, or how old some of these pics might be, but every one of these beauties is supa-fine (and totally do-able) in my book. If you're expecting Demi Moore to be here, don't. She's not. I can't stand her.

Diane Lane - 42

Halle Berry - 41

Sherilyn Fenn - 42

Julianne Moore - 47

Phoebe Cates - 44

Maureen McCormick - 51
(Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! How I loved you....)

Mariska Hargitay - 44

Peggy Lipton ("The Mod Squad") - 61

Sela Ward - 51

Michelle Pfeiffer - 49

Whitney Houston - 44

Susan Sarandon - 61

Marisa Tomei - 43

Angela Bassett - 49

Cheryl Ladd - 56

Gina Gershon - 45

Monica Bellucci - 43

Dana Delany - 51

Jean Smart - 56

Jane Leeves - 46

Catherine Keener - 48

Salma Hayek (and friends) - 41

Virginia Madsen - 46


  1. I was having a sexual orientation crisis until I saw Whitney.

  2. There's Salma, and then there's everybody else...

  3. Salma is one of the few women I would totally go gay for. HOT.

    Marisa Tomei - 43, really? SHe is like the perpetual 18 year old! Lucky bitch! :-)

  4. It's a dead heat in the Salma Hayek zeppelin race!

    I don't know a lot of these women - looks like Sherilyn Fenn might be into interpretive mime though - but most are lookers.

    No 'laugh lines', but generally the surgery hasn't been too severe...although Diane Lane is much too cut for my taste. I doubt she will age gracefully.

  5. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

    Heh, heh. One of the spell checker suggestions for the correction of "Mastrantonio" is "Strangulation". :-)

  6. Excellent line-up--Madsen and Diane Lane are positively yummy, to be sure. The Whitney mug threw me for a loop but then cracked-me up something fierce. I would have to take exception to Angela Basset though--she doesn't do a thing for me and never did. The list was mostly dead-on though!

  7. Rubber Ducky You're the OneJune 29, 2008 at 12:44 AM

    Mary E. Mastrantonio too--but haven't seen her around of late...???

  8. I always thought Sela Ward was pretty, but I think in that pic she's looking a little like a Russian weightlifter.

    Whitney .... good stuff!

    ...Barbra Peapod

  9. how old is catherine zeta jones? she qualifies doesn't she? hot!!!

  10. In the shitter, most likely, after eating all that Activia yogurt. Ha.. no, but seriously.. if I ever do a male version of this list, Jamie Lee will be on it.

    Dan.. here's Catherine:

  11. Magically Babelicious, each and every one! (LOVE the Whitney pic, btw)

    I'd add Brigit Fonda, and keep Gillian Anderson on the back burner: she turns 40 this year.

  12. Lauren Graham and Maura Tierney are conspicuously missing from this list. Other (less personal) picks include Carrie-Anne Moss, Jodie Foster,

    I was also going to say Parker Posey, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Naomi Watts and Uma Thurman but I guess they're not there yet.

  13. Jodie Foster? Parker Posey? Out of context and definately not hot...

  14. not necessarily the side of catherine i was thinking when i made the comment. can you get me one of those of selma?

  15. What about ME? I'm almost 40, you've seen a picture of me, Cary. I defy you to say I'm not a MILF.

    ha ha

  16. Oh yeah, you're chock full of MILFy goodness. Let me know when you turn 40 and I'll add you to the update.

  17. Oh, and my husband wants to know where Isabella Rossellini is? She's his favorite MILF. Ever.

  18. You left me out. I turned 40 in April.

  19. Well heck, maybe I need to do a Hotties Of LOTD post (?)

  20. Lori Loughlin from full house is 44 and still looks great!

  21. Anon - good call. I forget about her. A total babe for sure.



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