Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chindogu Of The Day

Chindōgu is Japanese for the practice of turning everyday items into clever new gadgets, but gadgets that cause more problems or inconveniences than they solve. Chindōgu are sometimes described as "unuseless" –- neither completely useless nor completely useful.

From Blong, Keva and Bubbasmom, many from TheNonist.

Portable office tie

Solar-powered lighter

Umbrella head band

Vertigo soothing glasses

Hay fever hat

Noodle-eater's hair guard

Personal rain saver

Full body umbrella

Pillow mate

Shoe umbrellas

Standing sleep strap

Hot noodle cooler

Suctioned sleeping hat

Butter stick

10-in-1 gardening tool

360-degree panoramic camera

Cockroach swatting slippers

Detachable tooth covers

Baby onesie mop


  1. Haha that made me think of Data from Goonies.

    I need to noodle hair guard, I can't tell you how many times I've just plunged face first into my food only to have it ruined by my hair falling into it, or have eaten so fast the food shrapnel lodged itself in my locks. Food in your hair - that's just embarrassing.

    I love the dust mop onesie, babies are always just laying around, it's about time they started helping with chores. ;p

  2. it's allergy season here - i'm seriously considering that hat for my daughter - of course she have to be heavily medicated to agree with it...and that onesie is great - my sister is in labor as we speak - i know what gift i'm bringing to the hospital now! thanks cary! no boring flower arrangements and candy from me!

  3. I am so wanting the onsie dustmop think they make them for older kids

  4. I actually had one of those noodle hair guards when I was a kid. That's not the actual purpose for it. They sell them for kids. You put them on top of the head with all the hair coming through the hole in the top so that it's easier to shampoo without suds getting in children's eyes.

    Oh, and I would TOTALLY use that butter stick.

  5. The teeth covers are just SEXAYY!! Woo baby!

  6. Those products are downright ridicarous.

  7. Am I the only one thinking of the possible oral sex applications of the noodle guard? But then, it might be kind of hard to get in the mood with a little pink flower going down on you.

  8. I, too, love the onesie duster. Granted, unless the kid just crawled right into the dust pan, it wouldn't do any good, but the idea of it is fantastic. In fact, I want one for my lazy cat. I'm going to invent a little harness with a place in the top of it where you can screw a pole into it. You put the harness on your cat, then attach the pole, and PRESTO! Cat mop. The best part about it is it would be self-cleaning! SWEET!

  9. I like the full body umbrella!! :-D

  10. The cockroach slippers reminded me of a flyswatter I saw at Walgreens the other day. Talking flyswatters that were in the shape of flip-flops!

    Hmmmm...I could get one, swat my kid and then he could say he was kicked, lol! JUST KIDDING...don't you sic child services on me!

  11. I'm always looking to create even better efficiencies in my life. I'm sure if I wet that baby onesie mop, I could eliminate one round of vacuuming dog hair, at least. And, before I travel again, I'll buy one of those sleeping helmets...much better than waking up with your head on the shoulder of the guy in the window-seat and noticing you've drooled on his jacket.

  12. Of course I had to close this window first to go back and look at the noodle guard. Good God, Cary.

    Okay the onesie duster is hilarious - actually I snorked (or is it snorted?) at quite a few. My favorite is the shoe umbrellas.

    This is the best silly I've seen since my divorce.

  13. I have a whole book of these. There are so, so many more....
    My favorite one was something called the Soap Saver, where you put the little chunks of used up soap bar, and after a few years of collecting, you have a whole new bar of soap! They had to disqualify it from the Chindogu classification because someone in America is actually marketing (and possibly selling) it. I wonder how many bars of soap (which cost 75 cents at the store anyway) you'd have to make to justify the cost of buying a soap saver...

  14. I am constantly amazed by human ingenuity.

    And now I finally know what these guys are singing about.

  15. I would love a butter stick! Great for corn on the cobb.

    And Cary, you continue to prove what a perv you are!

  16. I need a butter stick for in my purse. Think of the convenience. Oh, the countless times I have been walking through my day and thinking "if only I had some conveniently packaged butter, my life would be complete!"

  17. Butter, stick type huh? As opposed to the other types of butter? Tub type?

  18. Actually Cary, that's exactly what came to mind when I saw the detachable tooth covers, so yeah, it's just your sick mind :P



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