Friday, April 18, 2008

Best Of LOTD: Glamour Shots

(I thought I'd dig this one up again for the new folks...)

Pay your dollar and grab your collar! I don't know their real names, so I'll make some guesses.

Oh, and I KNOW some of you out there have Glamour Shots. Who's brave enough to send me theirs? I promise* I won't make fun of you.




Dot Landers, Certified Eyewear Specialist, Lenscafters

Tina Lou





Mama Sharon






Curly Sue




Peg Kapp, your Century 21 professional






The Sequin Sisters... an exclusive engagement tonight at Holiday Inn Westside

Caledonia Eve





Ooh, ooh, check it out. Our first reader submission, from Teresa, who says, "Might as well embarrass my son at the same time." What's to be embarrassed about, T? It's a nice pic. Very sweet.



  1. I love all the collar-clutching. Does all the glamour fly away if you let go?

  2. Excerpt from GlamourShot Employee Handbook(Troubleshooting section): Before photo is taken, place standard ruler vertically above client's head. If hair does not extend >7 inches above skull, return to make-up/hair station. While fluffing hair with a pick, apply liberal amounts of hair spray. Re-measure, and if proper extension is met, proceed with photo.
    Also, is it just me, or does it seem like Taylor-Marie is pissed and is about to use her mental firestarting capabilities to turn the photographer into a walking torch?

  3. I NEVER get tired of these. I've done a LOT of stupid, embarrassing things in my lifetime, but at least not this.

  4. Cheese and Rice, Cary....I laughed harder this go round. I have to admit, I'm tempted to send you mine, but not enough for total internet humiliation.

  5. I so know what I am making my friends do to celebrate my bday this year.

  6. wow, the 90's were a tough time for all of us hahaha

  7. The 90's were a tough time for all of us~ really lol !!!

  8. I hang in my head in shame and admit that I have a glamour shot in my past....

    but seriously, mine looks GOOD...


  9. SB.. send it and let us decide!

  10. I have NEVER done Glamour Shots or any of that ilk....

    And you know what...on some of these, no matter what was done there just was NOT can't make a silk purse out of a butt ugly face!

    and YEAH, SB...send in that glamour shot, lol!!! (she's my best friend/sister/cosmic connection, so I can harass her!)

  11. So Cary, for that book of photos you're putting together, are you accepting Glamourshots, too? I may or may not have one, and I may or may not be clutching my collar. :) I'm just saying that if someone did and didn't mind you using it..Are you accepting that kind of picture, and how would we get it to you if we don't have a way to do it over the computer?

  12. Yes, Confusia, absolutely. I will e-mail you.

  13. Confusia, yes, I thought that about Taylor-Marie. Fallon and Tawnii look like they are about ready to let fists fly too. I thought maybe I was back on the list about PMS for a second there. And what is with the denim jacket (collar properly clutched, of course) with the black lace gloves and sparkly earrings on Jo? Something is just not right there.
    Sorry, Cary, no glamour shots in my past to contribute either.

  14. Tip your hat, touch your collar and men....Check your package

  15. I remember realllllly wanting to do a glamor shot when I was like 13. I'm kinda glad I didn't.

  16. I remember realllllly wanting to do a glamor shot when I was like 13. I'm kinda glad I didn't.

  17. I actually CRIED during the process of having glamour shots taken - I was forced by my mom to have them done and was so embarassed! (it will help your self esteem. right.)

    They somehow made my redhair (at the time) into a peach, white-girl fro with matching peach lips! I think I look like a very sad 30 yr old woman instead of the very sad 16 yr old that I was.

    Did you know that most of the time on those shoots you're not wearing a real top? They just wrap fabric around you and pin it...WHILE YOU SIT IN FRONT OF A WINDOW AT THE MALL!! Jeez. I think I had a flashback.

    If I can find it I'll send it to you. It's not like it looks like me, who'll know?

  18. My sister took my daughter for Glamour Shots many years ago, when my daughter was a pre-teen. They are hilarious and scary at the same time. I'd love to send them in but I think my daughter would kill me. I guess I should ask her.

    I did have mine done about 15 yrs ago, but mine aren't so bad. I don't remember any collar-clutching but I do remember glasses of wine....

  19. Sometimes I really wish that I had done these back in the day.

    Billie, Tina Lou and good ol' Veldean look like the ilk that my parents hung out with back in the day at our local Elks Lodge. Those broads could pound away a carton of Kools and put away a party ball of Pabst Blue Ribbon within hours.

  20. Okay, so this is just such bad Karma, but I can't help myself: I thought you were going to post g-l-a-m-o-u-r shots. Did you post the *befores* by mistake?

    Speaking of glamour shots, this is my favorite pic of you.

  21. I just noticed that Katarina was letting it all hang out...wonder if she did THAT in the mall window????

  22. Reen - glad you like it!

    Linda - I'm thinking Katarina is a boudoir-type portrait and probably doesn't belong here.. but oh well.. boobage...

  23. Cary, After looking at these pics for like the 10th time today and still laughing...I beg to differ on "Cat". I think she looks more like a Dakota or Reba.

  24. aw, charles. heshe truly made me lol. brilliant.

  25. I, too, had a portrait done at Glamour Shots, but it was just a few years ago (shut up -- it was a gift for my husband) and they just did my hair like I normally wore it -- very straight. I wore my own tee shirt in the picture.

    I'm still bugging my mom to dig up the horrendous Olan Mills portrait she made me have done when I was 13 to send you. And she picked the ugliest pose too! That thing sat on top of the piano humiliating me throughout my teen years...

  26. Just reviewed the list with my daughter ("you will pull up that Math grade or we're gonna get our 'sequin sisters' pics taken) and I agree with Confusia - Taylor Marie has "Fire-starter eyes"

  27. The gloves, the voice in my head stuttered when I saw the gloves on Jo!

  28. Edwina is my favorite. I imagine her making a self-satisfied "Hmmmm" noise as the picture was taken.

  29. Ahem, I used to work at Glamour Shots! I graduated college in December, thus was unable to find a suitable teaching job right away. I subbed, taught swim lessons, and worked at the reception desk at GS. It was the mostest funnest job I ever had!!! The only hitch was that we had to have a pic taken for our badge. I had a blast with the make-up artist and the photographer. My hair was teased and I wore the sluttiest top I could find. I'm bummed because I can't find that pic! For years, my husband carried it around in his wallet. I'll look around.

    I do have my sister's shots, from when she came to visit...

  30. Ginormous Boobs! That is one of the most fabulous ideas I have ever heard. I should have done that with my wedding party. That would have been a blast. *Kicks self for not thinking of that*

  31. I have such a boner right now!

  32. never had a glamour shot myself but why ol why did you have to name that first one "sylvia" that is my name!!! eeeekkkkk!!!

  33. I always thought that with enough make-up and hairstyling, anyone could look good. Guess I was wrong!

  34. So when I got to "Peaches," I was really hoping the next photo would be another shemale named "Herb." When's the book coming out? These are awesome.

  35. Jeanette looks exactly like my ex-sister in law.. I wonder...

  36. maybe one of Taylor-Marie's eyes is firestarter, but the other is totally glass. Reminds me of the Heywood Banks "One eye love" song.

    I think I will be having nightmares about the "before" pics

  37. Tracie - ha! If so, that means they already let go once.

    Confusia - I didn't get the Firestarter reference until I looked at her pic again.. it's the windblown hair! And, of course, the "I will rip out your throat" glare.

    Courteous/SB/Rose/Liz/Tracie/Regan - oh please send your pics. I won't post them if you don't want me to.

    GB - ha, great idea.

    Daisy - yeah, the lace is a head-scratcher.

    Lindsey - HA HA! "Hmmmm"

    Wendy - Kools, Pabst and the Elks Club. Exactly. And bingo.

    Courteous - you could be right. Dakota or Reba...

    Shel - thanks

    V - you too?

    Mattrobash - Sylvia is my mother-in-law's name. That's why I picked it. Several of these are inside jokes. Veldean was the name of my friends' mom. Rhonda-Ann and Faye are names of estate agents I know.

    Holly - thanks. The books are still being negotiated. We hit a couple of roadblocks.

    Izzy - with enough GOOD makeup and hairstyling, maybe.

  38. I used to work at Glamour Shots!! Although I enjoyed the job, the managers and company sucked big time!!

  39. So I sent the link to the old Glamour Shot post out to a bunch of friends. Mama Sharon's real name is actually Linda. She is the mother of one of my friends. He sent me a link to his brother's website, I was a little concerned he would be upset by it -- but he thought it was hysterical.

  40. This reminds me of a game a friend of mine use to play in college. He would sit on the steps of the theater building in a little group of people trying to figure out what strangers' names were... once they decided on one he'd shout it out to see if they'd turn around. Hilarious every time.

  41. LOL funny is it that your friend's brother has his resume attached to the page with his mother's glamour shots...that should impress any future employers!

  42. At least Karenbw has a nice rack!

  43. oh man if this are the worst Glamour Shots ever

  44. Great job on the naming!!! Love it!!!

  45. OMG, LOL. where did you get all of these pics??

  46. Holy crap I am getting a glamor shot today!!!! I thought well lets google and see what it is all about, I am so scared now. I am not sure if I want to go just to see how funny my own shot would be or if I shouldn't just to make sure I do not end up in some book of humilation.



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