Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Famous Left-Handed Guitarists

Just the ones you've heard of (and a few you might not have), not an all-inclusive list. Sorry, we've never heard of your brother-in-law in Toledo who plays lefty guitar in a Ratt cover band. I'm sure he's a monster, though.

Jimi Hendrix

Elliott Easton (The Cars)

Paul McCartney

Dick Dale

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)

Bobby Womack

Bob Geldof (The Boomtown Rats, Band Aid)

Albert King

Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos)

Jimmy Cliff

Ali Campbell (UB40)

Robin Campbell (UB40)

Doyle Bramhall II (Fabulous Thunderbirds, Eric Clapton)

LOTD's own Kurt (right) and his Gibson 335. (The fat guy on the left might read LOTD, too. If so, sorry, Fat Guy. I hear you can play the hell out of a guitar.)


  1. Nice list man. Seal and dude from Air Supply are lefties too. Air Supply dude doesn't deserve to make the list, but Seal does cause he's bangin' Heidi Klum.

    Thanks for throwing me in there. Don't bag on us too bad - that pic is from 1986, and "Fat Guy" has lost weight (while I've gained it!) and still plays the crap out of a guitar.

  2. I think the word "famous" is a little bit of a loose term in describing some of these guys. :-)

  3. Nahh, these guys are all famous or at least were at some point. Whose not famous? (besides me of course)

  4. sir paul was a bass player (in fact that is what he is playing in the pic)

    1. Sir Paul played guitar too and moved to bass because that is what the band needed.

  5. Sir Paul plays guitar as well. Who do you think is playing on "Blackbird"?

  6. A bass what?


    And Kurt is right. In fact, I would imagine that Paul plays just about every instrument.

    Except I thought Ringo played guitar on "Blackbird." No? Heh.

  7. I know Paul played drums on several Beatles tracks. Stuff that was too hard for Ringo.(imagine that!) Plus Ringo quit at some point during the recording of The White Albums and Paul took over drums there too.

  8. My darling hubby is a lefty guitar player, but he plays the right handed guitar.. Don't ask :) Now all he needs is to be famous, and we can debate whether or not he should make the list.

  9. I can't understand why they learned it backwards. I found it EASIER to learn to play it "properly", even though I'm a lefty. I look at those guitars and think BACKWARDS, lol!

  10. It's a curse, I guess. I think I did it from watching all the righties play and just doing a mirror image of that. I tried to play righty but it just didn't take. I progressed more in one month playing lefty than I did in the previous year trying to play righty.

  11. No, you got it wrong, Cary. My brother-in-law plays lefty guitar in a BLUEGRASS band, not in a Ratt cover band. You can't get enough bluegrass, you know! :-D

  12. I forgot Cobain was a south-paw. sniff.

  13. LMAO...Cary were you afraid that fat guy didn't know he was a fat guy until you called him one??

    I just love this blog!!

  14. billy corgan is left-handed but learned to play backwards... uh, his left hand does chords.

    i am going to a smashing pumpkins concert in new zealand on saturday. go me!!!

    love your site, by the way... :)

  15. hello, here's Lefty (LefthandMike) from France.

    you will find a nearly complete list there:

    I speak about this topic sometimes on my blog:


  16. dude you are forgetin 2 leftyz zacky veangence(zack baker) from avenged sevenfold and Chai from sinister

  17. Tim Armstrong of Rancid is also a lefty but plays guitar right handed, I am also a lefty and play guitar right handed.

  18. Man, no one ever puts Zacky Vengeance.

    Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold, the rhythm guitarist is left handed.

    Put Zacky!

    Zacky rules.

  19. I agree, wheres Zacky V? He plays some great dual guitar solos with synyster. He deserves to be up there.

  20. Lefties RULE!

    Colie Brice


  21. Lefties who play guitar right are not true lefties. Rather, they are just left for some things and right for others. I'm one of them. I write, play drums, and hold a fork with my left, play guitar and throw right-handed, and I'm right-footed (which sucks when setting up a drum set). None of these are interchangeable, so I'm not ambidextrous.

  22. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta
    David Longstreth of the Dirty Projectors

  23. Joe Perry from Aerosmith is left handed too, but he plays right handed. http://www.planetlefthanded.com/joe-perry.html

  24. You forgot to include Coco Montoya in this list.



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