Friday, February 8, 2008

Funny Signs Of The Day

LOTD reader Brigitta pointed me to Roadside America's collection of great signs. Here are a few of my favorites. Lots more at their website.

So it would appear

With nuts!

"Sandwich Artists" are NOT losers

That's almost unfair to the competition

Welcome to Applebee's

Yep, that's about right...give or take a year.

Just in time for Valentine's Day

Especially the ones left in the toilet

Join us on Wednesdays for our weekly pastor's lunch, "Munching With Katt."

Always a delightful 98.6 degrees

He's just curious about what flicks you rented

No fair. The fast ones are too hard to hit.

I've never seen fish on a train

Ever get the feeling you're not wanted?


  1. Hilarious! Beaver Lick actually exists, too...scary!!!

  2. I had wondered what happened to Loraina Bobbit..Allisonville, huh?

    I have to say Beaver was the winner in my book. Thanks for the laugh...

  3. I wonder when I see the sign, "After all these years, Lisa Still Loves Dick"...
    Did the person putting up the sign never pause for a moment and think, "You know? That just doesn't look right."

  4. How do you do it? The comments by the pics are priceless. For all readers...laughter is great medicine.

  5. okay. i give. you made me laugh.

  6. This is a place we've seen in Bonita Springs FL - there's a picture of their shop/sign on the home page.

  7. You've done it you'll excuse me while I clean the diet pepsi off my monitor and keyboard! Not to mention getting the dp out of my nose!!

    Cary you rock

  8. Thanks, everyone.

    Ginni - diet Pepsi is my drink, too. Love that stuff!



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