Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

Congrats to LOTD regular, Kurt, who recently celebrated ten years of marriage with a renewal of vows ceremony in Las Vegas.

"Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Funny "stuff" from Bethany Keeley's Blog of "Unnecessary Quotations."

Chinet and plastic sporks.

They mean "Snow" Creek.

Starting with this $5 "Engrish" sign.

They're not "appetizing." And you don't "order" them. We put old stuff out whenever we want to get rid of it.

"Overnight guest rooms available." At the inn. Who knew?

What the "fuck"?

Big cake squares.

"Of the building. On the ground."

Wink, wink.

It's really foosball. And it costs a dollar.

Roll down your window and yell "honk!"

New to you. We've had it for a week.

Or unauthorized persons.

In case it is night when you read this.

"Akers." "Democrat." Does it really matter?

Fran never says "please." That's why the dirty, wet, "etc" towels always get left on "the floor."

Clean dishes. Attended. Are ok.

What's a "whitting"?

Not really. Bono is coming. He just thinks he's Jesus.

I don't think this "helpful" sign will convince "the potty pig" to confess, do you?

If you can't find a "pro," call Coleen.

No need to worry. Probably just teenagers. You could beat them up.

"Wild" by Lilburn standards. As in, not mall hair.

Same as the "old hours," effective since we opened in 1989.

Because a real "lady" wouldn't leave floaters... I mean, "remnants."

Unless you left it at home, in which case we'll take your word for it.

Go anywhere you like in the field behind the station.

Or at least you'll think so if you like toaster waffles.

Because we realize you cannot "stop" and "enter" at the same time.

Here at the Great Frame-Up "art gallery." Enter the raffle for a free "haircut" at Fantastic Sam's next door.

Screw the children. We just hate the smell.

Jim and Robin make the best sign's!

We'll take anybody.

But it doesn't specifically "exclude" them, either. If you want to pay for them, then they're "included." If you don't, they're "not included." Does that make "sense"?


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