Friday, August 10, 2007

The Last Laugh (Great Tombstones)


I hope that's not what killed her

The death of Funk

See ya

Yep, that'll do it

It's there somewhere

Mocked even in death

Born losers. Died losers.

And proud of it

Not to be outdone

Up yours, too, Lloyd

Name or dying wish?

Mother and daughter both

Who is it? - answer

The actor who has worked with nearly all of the great directors of our time? The phreak himself, Tom Cruise.

Martin Scorsese - The Color of Money
Steven Spielberg - War Of The Worlds, Minority Report
Stanley Kubrick - Eyes Wide Shut
Ridley Scott - Legend
Francis Ford Coppola - The Outsiders
Oliver Stone - Born On The Fourth of July
Michael Mann - Collateral
Edward Zwick - The Last Samurai
Curtis Hanson - Losin' It
Paul Thomas Anderson - Magnolia
Cameron Crowe - Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky
Brian DePalma - Mission Impossible
Sydney Pollack - The Firm
Ron Howard - Far And Away
John Woo - Mission Impossible II
Tony Scott - Top Gun, Days Of Thunder
Rob Reiner - A Few Good Men
Barry Levinson - Rain Man
Bryan Singer - Valkyrie (in production)
Robert Redford - Lions For Lambs (November 2007)

(A cool bit of trivia from themovieguru)


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