Thursday, May 31, 2007

Celeb Rage Remix of The Day

Babs goes off on a concert heckler - the dance version.
(Caution: foul language)

Click pic to hear. LINK FIXED.

Classic TV Show Open of The Day

(click photo to watch)

Dear god - I don't remember this one, and for that I am thankful.

Trivia 1: A rumor persists (which started with show producer Garry Marshall and star Scott Baio) that the show's premiere was the highest-rated ever on Korean television because the word "chachi" sounds much like a Korean slang word for penis ("jaw-jee").

Trivia 2: The show was an instant hit as a mid-season replacement in 1982, but only lasted one more season because it was up against a new NBC hit show: The A-Team.

My action figure favorites

A few favorites from my action figure collection.

The boys won't let Shatner anywhere near the microphone since they saw the "Rocket Man" video.

STOP! Hammer time!!

Steven Seagal should've done this years ago.

The new David Hasselhoff Drunken Action Figure lets you re-create the popular web video...

... and comes with a special Drunken Hoff POV Trading Card.

Sorry, B.A., but when you refuse to fly, transportation options are limited.

When Angus found out that Peggy Hill was an AC/DC fan, he not only let her up on stage, but gave her the coveted task of ringing Hell's Bell.

"Haiiiii! I feel clean!" James Brown by Celebriducks

The kids love this one. Ambulance and extra face sold separately.


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