Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best of The Worst Christmas Albums

The soundtracks of Christmas. In Hell.

Santa's got a big surprise for Mom in that bag. Now run along to bed, kids.

"Songs" from John Lithgow, Martin Sheen, Donny & Marie, Wendie Malick, Bebe Neuwirth, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally, Alex Kingston, Jay Leno and more will have you praying for the sweet relief that only death can bring.

A great addition from LOTD regular, Anonymous.


  1. What's worse? That there was a "Rosie Christmas" album, or that it sold enough so that "Another Rosie Christmas" album?

    We are all going to Hell faster than we think.

    In a Christmas mood,


  2. Man, you can't include Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics here - especially the wonderful holiday song "Dead, Dead, Dead". It's such a heart-warming song, we sing it around the burning yule log every Christmas season.

  3. I am so embarassed to say that I actuall owned four of those



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