Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sniff Out The Asses

Today I bring you a quiz. Can you guess which celebs below are cool and which are asses? I got the straight dope from reliable sources. See how many you can guess.

Answers HERE

Tom Hanks

Donald Sutherland

Clint Eastwood

Bill Cosby

Ed Asner

Whitney Houston

Gary Sinise

Philip Baker Hall

Ed Begley, Jr.

Andy Griffith

Anthony Edwards

Barry Bostwick

Sid Caesar

Steve Carrell

Jackie Chan

Don Cheadle

George Clooney

Gary Busey

Rachel McAdams

Ted Danson

Reese Witherspoon

Michael Dorn

Kirk Douglas

Sean Penn

Charles Durning

Nathan Fillion

Peter Fonda

Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Freeman

Jennifer Garner
Val Kilmer

Ashton Kutcher
Tim Matheson
Michael Landon

Patty Duke

Whoopi Goldberg

Harry Anderson

Johnny Depp

Brad Garrett

Melissa Gilbert

Jennifer Aniston

Mark Hamill

Chris Tucker

Darryl Hannah

Jill Hennessy

Connie Selleca

Barbara Hershey

Robert Altman

Ron Howard

Jon Voight

Bonnie Hunt

Michael J. Fox

Russell Crowe

Fred Willard

Hugh Jackman

Robin Williams

Gene Kelly

Nicole Kidman

Robert Duvall

Tim Curry

Henry Winkler

B.B. King

John Ritter

John Larroquette

Heather Locklear

Curtis Armstrong

Wendie Malick

Luther Vandross

Noah Wyle

Alec Baldwin (this one should be easy)

Mark Harmon

Dean Martin

Ian Ziering

Steve Martin

Ben Stiller

Dave Matthews

Joe Pantoliano

Brett Butler (sitcom actress, not the baseball player)

Malcolm McDowell

Chris Noth

Weird Al Yankovich

Maria Menounos

Jerry Van Dyke

Drew Carey

Jerry Orbach

Demi Moore

Clive Owen

Denzel Washington

Roseanne Barr

Camryn Manheim

Robert Redford

Carl Reiner

Keifer Sutherland

Kurt Russell

George Segal

Tony Shalhoub
Ray Romano

Vicki Lawrence

Elijah Wood

Molly Shannon

Martin Short

Cheech Marin

Dean Cain

Jean Smart

Tim Matheson

Patricia Heaton

John Travolta

Will Smith

They Might Be Giants

Tony Curtis

Charlie Sheen

1 comment:

  1. Tom Hanks - cool (but please no more mullets)
    Donald Sutherland - cool
    Clint Eastwood - cool
    Bill Cosby - cool
    Ed Asner - cool
    Whitney Houston - entertaining
    Gary Sinise - cool
    Philip Baker Hall - cool
    Ed Begley, Jr. - love him and his electric car
    Andy Griffith - cool
    Anthony Edwards - cool
    Barry Bostwick - love him
    Sid Caesar - cool
    Steve Carrell - brilliant
    Jackie Chan - cool
    Don Cheadle - love him
    George Clooney - cool
    Gary Busey - ass
    Rachel McAdams - cool
    Ted Danson - cool
    Reese Witherspoon - cool
    Michael Dorn - AWESOME
    Kirk Douglas - cool
    Sean Penn - cool
    Charles Durning - cool
    Nathan Fillion - cool
    Peter Fonda - cool
    Morgan Fairchild - cool
    Morgan Freeman - cool
    Jennifer Garner - kinda cool
    Val Kilmer - cool
    Ashton Kutcher - cool
    Tim Matheson - cool
    Michael Landon - cool
    Patty Duke - cool
    Whoopi Goldberg - cool
    Harry Anderson - cool
    Johnny Depp - cool
    Brad Garrett - cool
    Melissa Gilbert -cool
    Jennifer Aniston - cool
    Mark Hamill - whiny?
    Chris Tucker - cool
    Darryl Hannah - cool (i love splash)
    Jill Hennessy - cool
    Connie Selleca - cool
    Barbara Hershey - cool
    Robert Altman - cool
    Ron Howard - cool
    Jon Voight - not sure
    Bonnie Hunt - very cool
    Michael J. Fox - cool
    Russell Crowe - ass
    Fred Willard - cool
    Hugh Jackman - cool
    Robin Williams - cool (but he gets on my nerves)
    Gene Kelly - cool
    Nicole Kidman - cool
    Robert Duvall - cool
    Tim Curry - cool
    Henry Winkler - cool
    B.B. King - cool
    John Ritter - cool
    John Larroquette - cool
    Heather Locklear - cool
    Curtis Armstrong (BOOGER!) - cool
    Wendie Malick - cool
    Luther Vandross - cool
    Noah Wyle - cool
    Alec Baldwin (this one should be easy) - ass?
    Mark Harmon - cool
    Dean Martin - cool
    Ian Ziering - cool
    Steve Martin - cool
    Ben Stiller - used to be cool
    Dave Matthews - i'm so tired of him
    Luther Vandross - i told you already he's cool
    Joe Pantoliano - cool
    Brett Butler (sitcom actress, not the baseball player) - cool
    Malcolm McDowell - cool
    Chris Noth - cool
    Weird Al Yankovich - cool
    Maria Menounos - is she the one who says sexist things (against women) all the time on the today show? if so, not cool.
    Jerry Van Dyke - cool
    Drew Carey - cool (although he walks the line)
    Jerry Orbach - very cool
    Demi Moore - cool
    Clive Owen - cool
    Denzel Washington - cool
    Roseanne Barr - cool
    Camryn Manheim - cool
    Robert Redford - cool
    Carl Reiner - cool
    Keifer Sutherland - cool
    Kurt Russell - cool
    George Segal - cool
    Tony Shalhoub - cool
    Ray Romano - cool
    Vicki Lawrence - cool
    Elijah Wood - cool
    Molly Shannon - cool
    Martin Short - ass (was cool until 1995 but seriously jimm glick?!)
    Cheech Marin - cool
    Dean Cain - not an ass but not very cool
    Jean Smart - cool
    Tim Matheson - cool
    Patricia Heaton - cool
    John Travolta - not an ass but not cool (was cool then not then cool now not)
    Will Smith - always cool
    They Might Be Giants - cool
    Tony Curtis - cool
    Charlie Sheen - cool (was an ass for a while)



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