Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun With Marquee Signs Of The Day

Cleverness from minimum-wagers. My favorite is the Mother's Day sign. Thanks for the link, Kyle T.

Interview Of The Day: Between Two Ferns With Zack And Brad

Tell me about your new movie, Furry.

News: Drunken Airman Gives Cop Double Wet Willie

The horror. From Jill Fox.
Drunken airman gives Mankato cop double wet Willy


A drunken Mankato, Minn. man home on leave from the United States Air Force spent three days in jail after allegedly giving a police officer a wet Willy early Saturday morning.

According to charges, Mankato police Sgt. Adam Gray was speaking with a Midnight Express Bus driver after bar close downtown and “felt two fingertips that were obvious to him as wet with saliva being pushed into his right and left ear canals, which caused pressure and discomfort.”

Sgt. Gray turned and saw a man walk away and heard him say, “I just gave the cop a Wet willy.”

Sgt. Gray escorted Riley Louis Swearingen, 23, away from the group, and when probed for a motive, Swearingen apologized and said it was a joke.

The pair discussed hypotheticals, and Swearingen admitted giving a wet Willy to an officer in the military “would be a very big deal,” charges say.

A preliminary breath test indicated he blew a 0.186.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Let's F**king Frisbee!

best of craigslist > chattanooga


No frisbee golf, no ultimate. Don't care what race or gender you are. Not trying to jack off or fuck anyone. All I wanna do is toss a goddamned frisbee at you, and you throw it back. I don't care if you're any good. Let's just try this shit. Yes, I am awesome at frisbee throwing and catching (especially for a man of my portly stature), but don't let that intimidate you. Embrace my awesome. Have a drink from my flask. Let's do this shit.

Bad Children's Books Of The Day

Finally, some I've never seen before. From Bob Staake.

(Lots more here.)

News: Drunken Trombone-Playing Clown Fires Gun From Garage, Police Say

Just another day in Michigan. From John T.
Drunken trombone-playing clown fires gun from garage, police say

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, MI -- Police arrested a 54-year-old man after he was allegedly seen wearing camouflage pants and a clown mask, shooting a gun at a can in the street.

Grand Traverse County sheriff's deputies said the man also was seen playing a trombone at one point, all the while as he stood in a garage.

The man, described as intoxicated (ya think?!), was arrested for a personal protection order violation. No one was hurt and the gun turned out to be a pellet gun.

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