Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Choreography Of The Day: Rush Hour

Whatever you do, don't zig when you mean to zag.

News: Student Dies Of Heart Attack While Wanking At Sperm Bank

There are worse ways to go.
Student Dies of Heart Attack Looking at Erotic Magazine at Sperm Bank

A student died of a heart attack while looking at an erotic magazine in a booth in a sperm bank, during his fourth visit in just over a week.

Medics at the sperm bank in Wuhan University in China first thought that was something wrong when Zhen Gang did not emerge from a booth after two hours.

When they checked, they found him unconscious on the floor of the booth, and despite efforts to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The case came to light after the man's family took the sperm bank to court, saying that they were responsible for his death.

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Photos Mixing Star Wars With Real Life (Of The Day)

Cool shots from artist Thomas Dagg. More pics and info here. You might have to study a couple of these to find the Star Wars reference. My favorite shot includes Han Solo...sort of. Link from Melodie D.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad Lip-Reading Of The Day: The Walking Dead, Part 2

The show is back. Y'all ready to be naughty?

Clever Halloween Costumes For The Disabled (Of The Day)

For the stories behind some of these, check out Mental Floss and MailOnline.

Skateboarding Cat Of The Day

This is fun to watch. Link from Bianca D.

News: Italian Couple Hospitalized After Becoming Stuck Together During Sex In The Ocean

Isn't that sort of the point, being stuck together? Yeah, okay, I guess at some point you need to disengage. Link from Mike G.
Italian couple hospitalized after sex in the sea got them stuck together

Suction caused the amorous couple to become one and it was only after a doctor dilated the woman's uterus were the two after to safely detach.

BY Lee Moran
October 16, 2014

An Italian couple having sex in the sea were hospitalized after they ended up getting "stuck" together due to suction.

The duo was reportedly taking an amorous dip near Porto San Giorgio, in the eastern Marche region of Italy, when the man found himself unable to disengage, The Local reports.

Red-faced, the entangled pair remained in the Adriatic Sea's water for several minutes before catching the attention of a woman walking along the shore.

She gave them a towel and the connected twosome struggled to walk back to the land.

A medic was called and they were soon rushed to hospital, where doctors helped to dilate the woman's uterus so the man could safely detach.



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